Character Illustrations - Lost Lords

Lost Lords – Character Illustrations

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Character development includes all background and secondary characters and races, giants and transportation, Demigods, Daemon, The Winter Witch, The giant Puffer, Shapeshifters, Ilth, and Liches. Develop a rich background of secondary characters, races, and places to help develop the Lost Lords fantasy world into a robust and believable realm. Deities and Lore Development, Extradimensional space, immortal and extraplanar beings and …

3D Rendering / Illustrations - The GeoPirates

The GeoPirates – 3D Renderings & Illustrations

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Full conceptual render the GeoPirates ship for purposes of building set details and promoting the GeoPirates as well as full schematics of the ship for purposes of future set layout and storyboarding scenes within the interior of ship / Design eye catching graphics which instantly conveys the importance of geographic study and the inability of modern youth to find locations …